Chosen Family | Vanity Fair x Starbucks

Produced by Vanity Fair with Starbucks | The holidays are a time of connection; the season of planning the perfect outings and making overt efforts to celebrate with friends and family. But the holidays can also be an isolating time, particularly when those you might call “family” are distant, physically or emotionally. After moving from Ohio to Seattle, Starbucks Partner and store manager, Ever, has worked to make others in the LGBTQ+ community feel a bit more at home this holiday season, bringing people together to create a support system for those who need it most. Watch Ever’s journey to build and provide a Chosen Family as they celebrate the holidays with loved ones.

Directed ByCole SantiagoProduced ByNabeer Z. KhanReleasedDecember 16th, 2022Produced ForField Trip

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