Nabeer Z. Khan

Born in Manhattan, Nabeer moved around the country with his Pakistani immigrant family for a few years before settling in Arizona.  With constant reminders that his faith and skin were different than (and confusing to) those around him, Nabeer decided the best way to exist with a spotlight on him was to just put himself on a stage.  He found creative expression through video, music, and writing.  Early on, he began performing on stage primarily as a musician.  He also produced videos with his friends, using Phoenix, Arizona as his backdrop.

At Princeton University, Nabeer continued his creative pursuits while studying Psychology and Neuroscience.  He lead a dance company as one of the Artistic Directors, a role in which he choreographed, designed lighting and costumes, and curated each of the biannual shows while also writing, directing, and acting in comedic sketches for each show.

Nabeer has since settled in Los Angeles, CA, where he works in the entertainment industry producing content across the United States, and occasionally abroad.  Whether he is directing, writing, producing, or performing, he spends all of his time further exploring his passions and honing his craft.